Rajasthan Leaps To 7th Spot In The Latest Tourism Rankings

Using radio advertisements, the tourism department's marketing team effectively reached 20 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Jammu and Kashmir
Satbis Deori Temple, Rajasthan
Satbis Deori Temple, Rajasthanmy_rajasthan/Twitter

Tourism in Rajasthan is booming, with a surge in national and international visitors, surpassing 100 million by September this year. This marks a remarkable recovery from the pre-Covid era and elevates Rajasthan's tourism ranking from eleventh to seventh place on national and international scales for the year.

Sumita Saroch, Joint Director of Marketing at the Rajasthan Tourism Department, credits the success to the state government's tourism policies.

Multiple Initiatives Behind Success

To attract more domestic tourists, Rajasthan Tourism carried out airport branding at 289 locations in 18 airports across the country, including Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, and more.

In addition, the department strategically promoted tourism through metro trains in cities like Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, and Hyderabad. They also expanded their reach to popular train routes and launched a successful digital marketing campaign. The department expanded its presence to prominent double-decker train routes such as Ahmedabad-Mumbai, Jaipur-Delhi, Bengaluru-Hubbali Jan Shatabdi, and Shatabdi Secunderabad-Pune. A comprehensive advertising campaign involved LCD and LED screens to display Rajasthan tourism advertisements at 1433 locations across 20 stations nationwide.

The women of Rajasthan
The women of Rajasthanmy_rajasthan/Twitter

The Tourism Department's marketing efforts extended to twenty cities, utilizing radio advertisements from Delhi to Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and even Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, promotional films were showcased on approximately 1,000 screens across multiplexes and cinema halls in 24 major cities. Rajasthan Tourism also maintained a strong digital presence, engaging with audiences through significant news channels and national and international tourism-related newspapers and magazines.

What Do The Numbers Say?

Their social media presence has grown substantially, with notable success for promotional films on Instagram. In the last month, their official account on Instagram garnered 13.6 million impressions, 6 million on Facebook, and 3.5 million on other platforms.

Rajasthan Tourism extended its marketing efforts to 20 cities through radio advertisements, and they showcased promotional films in theatres and cinema halls in 24 major cities. Their digital outreach included engaging with news channels national, and international tourism-related newspapers and magazines.

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