Oman's Biggest Zoo To Open During Eid Al-Fitr

With an impressive 286,000 sqm area and over 300 animal species, this attraction in Ibra promises a unique experience
A family of Arabian oryx
A family of Arabian oryxNimit Virdi/Shutterstock

Dotted with forts and ancient trading routes, the Sultanate of Oman is an underrated gem of the Arabian Gulf. As the end of Ramadan draws near, there’s more good news for visitors and residents.

The largest zoo in the country will welcome visitors on the second day of Eid al-Fitr. Covering an area of 286,000 square metres and with over 300 types of animals, Safari World will embark on a phased opening to draw visitors to Ibra, one of the oldest cities in the country, and put the nation firmly on a discerning tourist’s map.

A dwelling in Ibra's old quarter
A dwelling in Ibra's old quarterMatyas Rehak/Shutterstock

A decade of planning and construction will finally come to a close as visitors flock to see animals from all over the world such as tigers, alligators, zebras, lions, deer and rare animals like the Arabian oryx. Guests can partake in bird and pony shows to lion and crocodile feeding sessions. Safari World even has a water park and a dedicated area for family activities, and is looking to implement educational initiatives for schoolchildren.

The venture will contribute to Oman’s economic growth by providing employment opportunities for its youth and attracting investors to accelerate the region’s economic development. The zoo is aiming to house over 1,000 animals in due time and hope to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

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