Now Cycle Through Pench Tiger Reserve In Maharashtra

For the newly started cycle safari, tourists will be charged a nominal fee of INR 100 if they are bringing their cycles, while those opting for rental ones will be charged INR 300
A tigress inside Pench Tiger Reserve
A tigress inside Pench Tiger ReserveShutterstock

Building upon its existing agro-tourism efforts, Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra has introduced cycle safaris for visitors. With the move, the reserve is now expanding its offerings to include cycling tourism in the Kolitmara range of the West Pench area.

Authorities have confirmed a 48 km route for the unique experience. From Kolitmara to Kunwara Bhivsen, the safari stretch passes through the forested Narhar, Banera, and Chargaon trails at Pench Tiger Reserve. Operational since August 20, 2023, the initiative witnessed enthusiastic participation from about 80 people across different age brackets.

For representational purposes
For representational purposesShutterstock

Things To Explore During The Cycle Safari

To facilitate this eco-friendly endeavour, Pench Tiger Reserve will offer rental cycles to tourists at INR 300 per person for a day. In cases where visitors bring their cycles, INR 100 will be charged for the safari experience.

A dedicated guide will be provided to groups of 2 to 6 individuals. The groups will be charged INR 1,000 for the cycle tour of the reserve.

Tourists can enter the reserve through six designated safari gates: Sillari, Chorbahuli, and Khuraspar, accessible from NH 44, as well as Kolitmara, Khubala (Saleghat), and Surewani (Nagalwadi), accessible from the Parseoni and Saoner regions.

About Pench Tiger Reserve

The Pench Tiger Reserve covers 741.41 square km in eastern Vidarbha, extending to parts of Nagpur district. It's named after the Pench River and is home to various animals like tigers, leopards, Indian gaurs, and more. The reserve is well-connected to other tiger reserves in central India like Kanha and Tadoba Andhari. The Pench River and Totladoh reservoir within the reserve are vital for supporting its wildlife.

How To Reach 

The reserve is easily accessible from Nagpur and other connecting cities. Winter and early summer are considered ideal seasons to visit the wildlife sanctuary.

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