New In The City: A Waste-To-Art Dinosaur Park Coming Up In Delhi

The Jurassic Park-themed space will be the first-of-its-kind in India with 54 huge dinosaur replicas ranging from 9 feet to 65 feet made of scrap metal, used tyres, car parts, and other waste
The park will display reconstructions of 15 different dinosaur species
The park will display reconstructions of 15 different dinosaur speciesShutterstock

India is home to several fossil parks like the Ghugwa Fossil Park in Madhya Pradesh which has relics that are up to 65 million years old. The country also has several areas where dinosaur fossils have been found. Gujarat's Raiyoli village is home to India's largest dinosaur museum and fossil park. This village situated in the Balasinor town of Mahisagar district is known to be the third largest dinosaur fossil site in the world and the second largest dinosaur hatchery where thousands of dinosaur eggs have been found. If you are a dinosaur fan, you will love this. A Jurassic Park-themed park with realistic dinosaur exhibits and life-like Dino sculptures is planned to make its debut in Delhi soon.

Waste To Art

The Waste-to-Art Dinosaur Park in Sarai Kale Khan will open in January, according to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The first-of-its-kind dino park in India will have 54 huge dinosaur replicas ranging in height from 9 to 65 feet and length from up to 54 feet.

A white ambassador car inside the belly of a 14-foot-high Stegosaurus, a nest of velociraptors guarding their nest in an old metallic chemical tank, and a giant 60-foot-high diplodocus with an elongated neck that will serve as a slide for children are among the strange and surreal things you can expect to see at the park. According to reports, these reproductions are made completely of scrap metal, used tyres, car parts, and horticultural debris. The 3.5 acres park is located next to the Waste-to-Wonder Park.

These life-sized models will move realistically and can make dinosaur sounds like roars, growls, hisses, and also spit some fire. The park will use light and sound effects to recreate memorable scenes from the Jurassic Park film. Remember the chase scenes and dinos crushing vehicles?

Among the species on display will be the Rajasaurus, Stegosaurus, Coelophysis, Brontosaurus, Velociraptor, Tsintaosaurus, Deinosuchus, Prenocephale, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Amargasaurus, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Diplodocus. A highlight will be the 53x50 feet replica of the T Rex from Jurassic Park which will spit fire and blink its eyes.

Other Parks

Then there is the dinosaur fossil geo-park, which the government is planning in the Narmada River valley, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Fossil dinosaur eggs are being discovered in the valley, and the latest addition, in the Dhar district of the valley, is the clutch of 92 nesting sites containing a total of 256 fossilised eggs. These belong to titanosaurs, a group of giant, herbivorous dinosaurs. Read more about it here.

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