Nearly Half Of Young Indians Crave Independent Trips Abroad

The survey encompassed insights from 2,000 respondents aged between 18 and 25 across India, providing insights into the evolving travel preferences and behaviours of the country's youthful demographic
Nearly Half Of Young Indians Crave Independent Trips Abroad

A recent survey conducted by the global travel marketplace Skyscanner unveiled that almost 50 per cent of India's Gen Z population is gearing up for their inaugural independent international escapade, with an overwhelming 81 per cent holding out until they've secured their first paycheck before embarking on their journey.

The survey, titled "First Trip with Skyscanner," delved into the travel aspirations and habits of young Indians aged 18-25, highlighting a strong inclination towards exploration and adventure. A staggering 47 per cent of respondents expressed their keenness to venture abroad for leisure, free from parental guidance, fueled by an innate desire for new experiences.

Financial independence emerged as a crucial factor for Gen Z travellers, with the majority (81 per cent) opting to initiate their international travel plans only after achieving monetary autonomy through employment or receiving their initial salary.

Furthermore, the findings shed light on the motivations driving Gen Z's travel ambitions, with 46 per cent inspired by the prospect of experiencing cultural events such as concerts and sports, while 51 per cent view travel as an opportunity to broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in diverse cultures.

Commenting on the survey results, Mohit Joshi, Skyscanner's travel and destinations expert, emphasised the passion for exploration evident among India's Gen Z. Joshi noted, "Whether seizing the chance during semester breaks and long weekends or marking significant milestones like birthdays and graduations, the enthusiasm for travel among Gen Z is undeniable."

Additionally, the survey revealed Gen Z's meticulous approach to trip planning, with nearly three-quarters preferring to have their itineraries (76 per cent) and return tickets (73 per cent) secured in advance. Budget consciousness also prevailed, with over half (51 per cent ) prioritising affordability when selecting flights and accommodations for their inaugural overseas adventure.

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