Mumbai Gets A Sustainable Children's Museum In Lower Parel

MuSo is a not-for-profit museum founded by Tanvi Jindal Shete, trustee of JSW Foundation. The museum's director is Michael Peter Edson, who is also a co-founder of the UN Live museum in Copenhagen
Children playing inside the museum
Children playing inside the museummuseumofsolutions/Instagram

Museum of solutions (MuSo) is an innovative museum that will inspire young minds to think critically, innovate, and solve problems. The museum opened in Mumbai on November 26. With ample parking space and easy access to public transport, MuSo is an ideal destination for families with children.

Tanvi Jindal Shete, trustee of JSW Foundation, founded MuSo as a not-for-profit institution. The museum's director is Michael Peter Edson, who is also a co-founder of the UN Live museum in Copenhagen.

Loads Of Fun Activities Await

The 10-floor museum has exhibitions, activities, engagements, and learning experiences that cover a wide range of topics, including sustainability, social justice, health, environment, and more. Some of the museum's highlights include The Lab, a hands-on space where children can experiment with different materials and tools to create solutions for real-world problems.

Children experimenting with different materials and tools
Children experimenting with different materials and toolsmuseumofsolutions/Instagram

The Storyteller is another exciting exhibit where children can listen to stories from different cultures and perspectives and learn about their values and beliefs. The Gallery is a showcase of artworks by local and international artists that reflect the themes and messages of MuSo, and The Library is a collection of books, magazines, comics, puzzles, games, and other resources that stimulate children's curiosity and imagination.

A Sustainable Design

MuSo was designed by Bricolage Bombay, a firm specialising in sustainable architecture. The building is LEED-certified, which means it meets high environmental performance standards. Its features make it eco-friendly, such as natural ventilation, which allows natural light and fresh air to enter the building. The building also has a green roof that reduces the heat island effect and provides a habitat for birds.

The rainwater harvesting systems in the building collect water from the top and store it in tanks, which are used for various purposes. Low-flow faucets, toilets, showers, and lighting fixtures save water. The building also uses solar panels on the roof that generate electricity for lighting and other purposes. Additionally, LED lights consume less energy than conventional bulbs, making the building energy efficient. MuSo is an excellent example of sustainable architecture, and it is a great initiative that will inspire children to think about the environment and sustainability.

The Information

Address: Victoria House, Kamala Mills compound, Lower Parel.

Entry fee: Ticket price for weekdays starting from INR 799. On Mondays, entry is free. On every Sunday, it is open for government schools students, municipal school students, students of Anganwadies and for the special children.

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