MP Will Soon Host India's Largest Tiger Reserve

The development aims to bolster the local economy and tourism prospects of Damoh, a relatively less developed region
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Madhya Pradesh will soon host the nation's biggest tiger reserve in Damoh district. Reports indicate a significant step following the central government's recent notification. It greenlights the merging of Noradehi Sanctuary and Durgavati Sanctuary in Damoh, forming a vast tiger reserve covering 2,300 sq km. The Jabera area in Damoh district will serve as its focal point.

The tiger reserve is set to enhance the local economy and hold significance for tourism. According to reports, its primary aim is to strengthen conservation initiatives while providing a secure habitat for the existing tiger population, which is at 16.

Moreover, consolidating two sanctuaries is expected to act as a draw, attracting more tigers to the region and increasing its importance in conservation efforts. The development aims to bring Damoh, a relatively less developed region in Bundelkhand, onto the tourist map and help it enhance its prospects for growth.

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Other Tiger Reserves In MP

Madhya Pradesh, renowned for its rich biodiversity, boasts several prominent tiger reserves that are bastions of conservation and natural beauty. Among them is Kanha Tiger Reserve, known for its dense forests that provide a haven for tigers, leopards, and wildlife. Bandhavgarh National Park is another famous tourist attraction. It is known for its high density of tigers, captivating visitors with its ancient fort ruins and diverse flora.

Pench Tiger Reserve, straddling the border with Maharashtra, is celebrated for its teak forests and picturesque landscapes. While Satpura Tiger Reserve stands unique with its varied terrain, from deep valleys to high plateaus, offering a habitat for diverse species. Panna Tiger Reserve, revived from near extinction, showcases a remarkable conservation success story, restoring its tiger population.

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