Mountaineers Gather In Ranchi On 70th Everest Summit Anniversary

In honour of the unyielding human determination, a meetup was organised at the CCL Auditorium in Ranchi, bringing together 13 individuals from India who have conquered the heights of Mount Everest
The CCL Auditorium in Ranchi
The CCL Auditorium in RanchiIdeate Inspire Ignite Foundation

Mountains, with their majestic peaks, have forever fascinated humanity. They stand as stoic sentinels of time, weathering storms and standing resolute. But beneath their rugged exterior lies a deeper resonance—a connection that transcends the physical realm. It is the human spirit, an intangible force that mirrors the mountains themselves—unyielding, determined, and capable of conquering the seemingly impossible.

To celebrate this indomitable human spirit, a gathering of 13 accomplished Mount Everest summiteers from across India took place at the CCL Auditorium in Ranchi on August 20. This historic event marked the 70th Anniversary of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest. It was organised by the non-profit organisation Ideate Inspire Ignite Foundation, with support from Central Coal Limited (CCL), CyberPeace Foundation, Hero Motocorp, Amway, CMPDI, JREDA, and Reccy.

Mountaineers' Triumphs Inspire The Nation

The event featured a group of mountaineers with unique stories of triumph. From Premlata Agarwal's journey as the first Indian woman to summit all seven peaks to Kuntal Joisher's feat of conquering Everest as well as Mount Lhotse, the mountaineers shared their inspiring tales of courage and resilience.

The gathering featured an esteemed group of mountaineers, each with their unique stories of triumph:

  • Premlata Agarwal: Hailing from West Bengal, she became the first Indian woman to summit all seven global peaks.

  • Kuntal Joisher: This Mumbai native conquered Everest in 2016 and Lhotse in 2018.

  • Anuja Anand Vaidya: She has conquered Everest and multiple other peaks worldwide, including Antarctica's Mount Vinson Massif.

  • Aditi Vaidya: Accomplishing the Everest summit with her sister, she has triumphed over other challenging mountain peaks.

  • Colonel Ranveer Jamwal: An officer of the Indian Army from Jammu and Kashmir, he is a three-time Everest summiteer.

  • Satyarup Siddhanta: He holds a Guinness World Record for being the youngest mountaineer to conquer all seven summits and volcanic peaks.

  • Hemant Gupta: Known as the "Man of Steel," he scaled Everest in 2017 and continues to take on other formidable peaks.

  • Binita Soren: The first tribal woman from India to summit Everest, Soren has overcome numerous challenges.

  • Priyanka Mohite: A drug scientist from Maharashtra, she conquered Everest at just 20 years old and has since scaled many more peaks.

These are just a few individuals who shared their remarkable journeys, illustrating that determination and perseverance can conquer even the highest of peaks

A Melange Of Music And Inspiration

The opening ceremony was made special by PM Prasad, Chairman of Coal India, the Chief Guest. The event was further adorned by the esteemed presence of Dr B. Veera Reddy, CMD of CCL, Harsh Nath Mishra, Director of Personnel, Major Vineet Kumar from the Cyber Peace Foundation, Rajeev Gupta from Curator TEDx Kanke, and a Director from Ideate Inspire Ignite Foundation. The mountaineers' experiences were complemented by a musical performance featuring renowned tabla player Prashant Trivedi, handpan virtuoso Sumit Kutani, and an evocative Odissi dance performance by Sumedha Sengupta.

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