Learn About The Dard Tribe At Shinon Meeras In Gurez Valley

The Shinon Meeras Center aims to safeguard the artistic legacy of the Dard-Shin tribal community and highlight the role played by them in nation-building
Scenic view of the Valley
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The Dards are one of the most ancient tribes of the Kashmir Valley. Now, travellers can discover more about this fascinating community at the Shinon Meeras Center that was recently inaugurated in Kashmir's Gurez Valley. Located in Bandipora district, this centre takes visitors on a journey through the history of the Dard-Shina tribes, celebrated for their unique Shina language.

As a pioneering cultural initiative, Shinon Meeras is the first cultural centre dedicated to the Dard community. Rooted deeply in history, the Dards represent one of the most ancient tribes in the region.

The museum was inaugurated by L-G Manoj Sinha, who flagged off the Dawar-Drass-Darchik car rally, forging a link between the Gurez Valley's Dard community and Ladakh.

In his address, Sinha said, “The centre is a unique tribute to preserve and promote the glorious artistic heritage of the Dard-Shina tribal community and to provide glimpses of its rich culture to the world. India’s first museum for Dardis traces the journey of Shina culture, languages and Gurezi way of life. I believe Shinon Meeras will become the centre of attraction for travellers visiting this best off-beat destination of India.”

The Dard tribal community is the region's oldest
The Dard tribal community is the region's oldest miss.nonum/Instagram

About The Museum

According to officials, this centre is a tribute to the art and heritage of the Dard-Shin tribe. It's the first museum dedicated to the Dard community and shares the story of Shina culture, language, and the Gurezi way of life.

Moreover, the museum also recognizes how much the Dard-Shin people have helped build the country. The goal is to popularise it as an offbeat destination in India.

About Gurez Valley

The Kishan Ganga river cuts through verdant valleys
The Kishan Ganga river cuts through verdant valleysWikimedia Commons

Gurez Valley, located in Kashmir at an elevation of around 8,000 feet, is a stunning place with the mighty Kishan Ganga River, diverse wildlife, beautiful plants, and picturesque mountains. Despite its remoteness, it's a hidden gem that is not widely visited by tourists. Once you're there, you'll be captivated by its natural beauty. You can enjoy exciting activities like river rafting on the Kishan Ganga, trekking, mountain climbing, trout fishing, and more. Gurez, apart from being a unique adventure destination in Northern Kashmir, also serves as an entry point to the famous silk route in Central Asia.

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