Key Routes Disrupted Amidst Himalayan Rain-Triggered Floods And Landslides

As the region grapples with the aftermath of these natural disasters, the collective focus remains on mitigating the impact, ensuring the safety of affected communities, and restoring essential connectivity
Rainfall in the Himalayan region
Key Routes Disrupted Due To RainShutterstock

The beauty of the Himalayan region has been dramatically altered by continuous heavy rainfall, leading to floods and landslides that have wreaked havoc in the Dooars area. The relentless downpour has caused several rivers to overflow, with some bursting their banks and flooding the low-lying areas, creating a crisis for local communities.

In the Malbazar block of Jalpaiguri, the usually calm Lis River turned into a torrent after a night of intense rain. The river's overflow has inundated the areas of Bagrakote and a nearby village, where residents are now battling rising waters and displacement.

Adding to the chaos, the main road connecting the picturesque towns of Darjeeling and Siliguri, known as Rohini Marg, was blocked by landslides this morning. Stranded travellers faced hours of uncertainty as authorities worked tirelessly to clear the debris. Their efforts were successful, and the road was reopened, restoring a crucial lifeline for the region.

Further complicating the situation, the excessive rainfall in the Sevoke Hill region led to the flooding of the Coronation Bridge, an essential crossing over the Teesta River.

Rainfall in the Himalayan region
Key Routes Disrupted Due To RainShutterstock

According to reports, the Himalayan Hospitality and Tourism Development Network (HHTDN) has called for urgent action in light of these events. They are advocating for a comprehensive geological survey to safeguard National Highway 10, a critical route that has suffered frequent damage due to changes in the Teesta River's course. This issue has persisted since a disaster in neighbouring Sikkim altered the river's path, causing significant disruptions to tourism and communication between Bengal and Sikkim.

(With inputs from multiple reports)

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