International Museum Day 2024: MP To Build First-Ever City Museum In Bhopal

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is setting up the Bhopal City Museum at the left wing of Moti Mahal to bring forth a Citizen Engagement Centre for the heritage and culture lovers
Moti Mahal in Bhopal will house the new museum
Moti Mahal in Bhopal will house the new museumMadhya Pradesh Tourism

On May 18th, as the world commemorates International Museum Day, Madhya Pradesh celebrates a significant milestone in its cultural heritage. The state's inaugural City Museum is set to grace the heart of Bhopal, housed within the left wing of the revered Moti Mahal. This pioneering initiative, approved by the Government of India and orchestrated by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, marks a pivotal moment in the state's commitment to preserving and showcasing its rich history.

Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture and Managing Director of the Tourism Board, Sheo Shekhar Shukla, heralded the project as a beacon for heritage and culture enthusiasts. Moti Mahal's left wing, steeped in historical significance, will host the Bhopal City Museum, featuring 11 galleries dedicated to unravelling the intricacies of Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh's narrative. From the region's geological and historical foundations to the evolution of Bhopal as a city, visitors will embark on an immersive journey through time.

What sets this museum apart is its seamless integration of modern technology, promising an engaging experience for visitors of all ages. Expect to be captivated by an array of artefacts, including prehistoric rock paintings, archaeological treasures, regal attire from Bhopal's monarchs, and exquisite art from the Nawabi era. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Madhya Pradesh is also poised to establish a comprehensive museum honouring the illustrious Parmar King Raja Bhoj, further enriching Moti Mahal's cultural landscape.

The Gond House as part of the Tribal Museum in Bhopal
The Gond House as part of the Tribal Museum in BhopalMadhya Pradesh Tourism
The Bheel House as part of the Tribal Museum in Bhopal
The Bheel House as part of the Tribal Museum in BhopalMadhya Pradesh Tourism

Meanwhile, the Tribal Museum in Bhopal emerges as another jewel in the state's cultural crown. Seven authentic dwellings representing the diverse tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh—Gond, Bhil, Baiga, Korku, Bharia, Sahariya, and Kol—stand as a testament to the state's commitment to preserving indigenous heritage. These houses will offer refuge to tribal families, who will come and stay here for three to six months on a rotation basis. Visitors will have the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily lives of these communities housed within meticulously crafted traditional abodes. From mud-plastered bamboo walls to sacred idols adorning the exteriors, each dwelling offers a glimpse into the rich history of tribal culture.

Shukla emphasised the museum's mission to dispel myths surrounding tribal societies, fostering understanding and appreciation among visitors. Scheduled to open its doors on June 6th, 2024, the Tribal Museum promises an unforgettable cultural odyssey.

Looking ahead, Madhya Pradesh is poised to establish a series of theme-based museums across key heritage sites, enhancing the tourism experience and further cementing its status as a custodian of cultural legacy. 

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