Hygiene Violations Found Across Hotels And Restaurants In Mumbai

As per the Food and Drugs Association (FDA) inspection, 68 hotels and many restaurants in Mumbai have failed to meet the established hygiene standards
Mumbai's iconic restaurant Bademiya was found to violate FDA's set standards
Mumbai's iconic restaurant Bademiya was found to violate FDA's set standardsjerrymammen/Instagram

If you have been finding an excuse not to order in or eat out, then this news will definitely convince you. And if you have been thinking of ordering in instead of cooking your meals, then after reading this, we are sure you are going to consider otherwise. On September 12, the Food and Drugs Association (FDA) in Mumbai uncovered serious hygiene violations across 68 hotels since their inspection began this month. 

Among the 68 surveyed, 64 of them have failed to meet the established food quality and hygiene practices standards set by the FDA. It was also brought to notice that all of them also lacked essential health certificates. As a result, the FDA has issued improvement notices to multiple hotels, urging them to ensure adherence to the health and safety regulations set by the apex body. Of them, two hotels have faced serious issues that have led the FDA to issue financial penalties, while two more have received stop-work orders.  

Behind The Inspection

The inspection began as a result of a police complaint filed by a customer who dined at Papa Pancho Da Dhaba, located in Bandra, on September 13. The diner had reportedly found a dead mouse in a chicken dish ordered at the restaurant, which prompted him to file charges of food adulteration and endangerment of human life. 

To combat such instances, the FDA has launched a special campaign to inspect hotels across all of Mumbai's 13 zones from September onwards. As per reports, eateries are screened on 80 to 90 critical parameters. Many have failed on the grounds of unclean kitchens and uncovered trash bins. One notable restaurant to have failed the inspection is the iconic Bademiya, located behind the Taj Mahal hotel in Colaba. 

While the FDA has issued strict warnings and a chance for the hotels to improve their hygiene standards, the failure to do so is bound to invite stringent action that includes fines and license revocations. 

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