Google Unveils 'Insights' For Budget-Friendly Flight Booking

Google Flights Insights provides travellers with guidance on securing budget-friendly flights and uncovering economical airfare options
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Booking a cheap flight and choosing the right one can be confusing and frustrating. It's tough to know when to book to get the lowest price. However, Google's flight service tool has a solution to this problem.

Now, flyers can book their tickets more feasibly with Google's new tool, "Insights," which helps air travellers find the best time to book tickets for the lowest prices, using past booking data relevant to a flight to provide personalised recommendations.

This feature aids travellers in answering the common dilemma of booking immediately or waiting for potential price drops. Alongside existing functions like price tracking and comparisons, this new addition enhances the platform's utility.

Moreover, Insights makes booking easier. It shows travellers when prices have been at their lowest for specific travel dates and destinations. According to Google, booking around two months before departure is often the best time, and if your trip falls within that timeframe, you can feel more assured about your decision.

How Does It Help Buyers?

Google Flights Insights tells users when to book affordable flights and find low-cost airfares. Simply having this information, especially knowing when to book at the lowest price, is helpful for travellers.

About Google's Price Tracking Feature

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Google's price tracking feature will alert you when significant drops in airfares occur. You can use this for specific events. If you're open to flexible travel dates, you can choose "Any dates" to receive alerts for deals in the next three to six months. Just ensure you are signed into your Google account before using this feature.

In addition to the new Insights feature, Google is testing a pilot project that offers a "price guarantee" tag for flights. This means Google promises that the ticket price won't drop further before your departure. If it does, Google will refund the difference. These price guarantees are currently available for select Book on Google itineraries departing from the US.

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