Going To Andaman And Nicobar Islands? Don't Miss Campbell Bay

Access to Campbell Bay in the Greater Nicobar area was earlier limited to islanders, but since January 2023, non-islanders can enjoy its untouched beauty too
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Next time, when you plan a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, add Campbell Bay to your itinerary along with more popular destinations like Port Blair and Neil Islands.

Earlier, non-islanders were required to possess a tribal pass to access the Great Nicobar area, including Campbell Bay, as per the Director of Shipping Services, which administers transportation services across the island. You can also reserve your spot on vessels operating between islands through their online reservation service.

However, in January this year, the imposition was relaxed for tourists to explore Campbell Bay's beauty. This also augments the other various measures taken to promote tourism across the Island and ensure a comfortable experience, including strengthening internet connectivity and introducing helicopter services.

But while you enjoy the island life, do note that the movement across the island is strictly governed by rules to ensure that travellers engage responsibly with the surroundings and do not interfere with the residing tribal population.

Places To Visit In Campbell Bay

Campbell Bay National Park

Established in 1992, the Campbell Bay National Park is known for its diverse flora and fauna. The park has abundant marine life, including megapode, crab-eating macaque, Nicobar pigeon, and giant robber crab. 

The Nicobar Pigeon is a close relative of the dodo
The Nicobar Pigeon is a close relative of the dodoShutterstock


Adjacent to Campbell Bay National Park, a lighthouse offers the opportunity to observe the picturesque village from a vantage point. If you are a keen birdwatcher, the lighthouse is the perfect spot to catch great sights of unique avian species. 

Chatham Sawmill

Chatham Sawmill is the largest and oldest sawmill in Asia and was established in 1883. The structure is connected to Port Blair by a 100m-long bridge. The mill has been restored as a storehouse for keeping various types of wood. 

If you are a nature lover, Campbell Bay offers many trekking and birdwatching opportunities. You can also participate in watersports such as snorkelling and scuba diving. 

Best Time To Visit Campbell Bay

The best time to visit Campbell Bay in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is between March to October when the weather is pleasant.

How To Reach Campbell Bay

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To reach Campbell Bay, you need to first make your way to Port Blair. From there, you can either take a ferry or helicopter ride to the island.

The ferry service goes through Little Andaman, Nancowry, and Car Nicobar, and spans a week to complete the 529 km distance between Port Blair and Campbell Bay.

The MV Campbell Bay, a government-operated vessel, is another option for those travelling from Port Blair to Campbell Bay. The ship completes the journey in 24 hours but only operates once a week.

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