'Ganga—Daughter Of The Himalayas' Is A Climber's Spiritual Quest

The film delves into a visually striking narrative, portraying mountaineer Semwal's journey through the Himalayas and her quest for spirituality
A glimpse of Devyani Semwal in the movie
A glimpse of Devyani Semwal in the movievirtualbharat/Instagram

The first film in the series of seven short films about Uttarakhand, "Ganga - Daughter of the Himalayas," was exclusively screened on November 1 in Delhi. Helmed by Bharatbala, the movie delves into the journey of mountaineer Devyani Semwal. "We aim to showcase the resilience and the significant role played by the Himalayan mountains in shaping us," said Semwal, who hails from Mukhba village.

Besides Semwal, the special preview was attended by music composers and vocalists Pavithra Chari and Sowmya Gurucharan.

The film offers an emotionally powerful and visually striking narrative, portraying Semwal's journey through the Himalayas, the natural beauty, human determination, and the sacred connection between the mountains and the river. It gives a sneak peek of her relationship with the river Ganga.

Growing up in Mukhba, a quaint Himalayan village at the base of Gangotri, Semwal aspires to conquer the world's highest peaks. Her ambitions span from Mt. Kilimanjaro to Mt. Everest and the famous seven summits, each representing a continent. Before confronting the unknown, she embarks on a reflective journey to discover her inner strength and flow. This spiritual exploration intertwines with the river Ganga in Mukhba, shaping her purpose. She pays homage to Gaumukh's headstream and proceeds to Tapovan to begin her challenging ascent of Mt. Shivling. At the summit, where the snowy peak meets the sky, Semwal stands ready for the world's towering peaks.

About Bharatbala

With the release of this film, Bharatbala's Virtual Bharat, in collaboration with the Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST), has introduced a series of seven films set in Uttarakhand. The journey continues with "Women of Munsiyari," premiering on November 17, 2023, and five more films exploring the Himalayan state's culture, traditions, and community resilience. This collection highlights various themes, initiatives, and cultural practices unique to the region. Furthermore, Bharatbala is on a 1000-film exploration, showcasing India's 5000-year-old civilisation, uncovering untold stories of art, culture, architecture, music, folklore, and tradition on a cinematic canvas.

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