G20 Leaders Endorse 'Goa Roadmap' To Amp Up Tourism

The Goa roadmap aligns with India's G20 Presidency theme and emphasises the importance of tourism in society, the economy, and environmental responsibility
G20 leaders at the recently concluded summit in Delhi
G20 leaders at the recently concluded summit in DelhiG20India/Twitter

The G20 Leaders' Summit in Delhi marked a significant moment as global leaders endorsed India's 'Goa Roadmap' and the 'Travel for LiFE' program, elevating India's role in sustainable tourism.

The summit highlighted the importance of tourism and culture in driving sustainable socio-economic development, with unanimous support from all leaders. The 'G20 Leaders Declaration' stressed the Goa Roadmap's relevance in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What's The 'Goa Roadmap'?

The 'Goa Roadmap,' a flagship initiative under India's G20 Tourism Track, is a pioneering plan for sustainable global tourism. Aligned with India's G20 Presidency theme, it emphasises tourism's role in society, the economy, and environmental responsibility.

The roadmap focuses on five key priorities: Green Tourism, Digitalisation, Skills, Tourism MSMEs, and Destination Management, providing a comprehensive strategy for nations to align their tourism policies with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

To support the roadmap's implementation, India's Ministry of Tourism, in partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), launched the G20 Tourism and SDG Dashboard. This initiative acts as a global resource, showcasing best practices and case studies of sustainable tourism policies and practices from G20 nations.

The Way Ahead

The Ministry of Tourism plans to promote the 'Goa Roadmap' by educating and raising awareness. Their goal is to encourage state governments, union territories, and private stakeholders to adopt the recommended actions for sustainable, resilient, and inclusive tourism.

To highlight and spread the best practices in line with the 'Goa Roadmap,' the Ministry of Tourism will launch a national competition called 'Tourism for Tomorrow.' This competition, set to kick off on World Tourism Day, September 27, aims to identify and promote successful initiatives that can be expanded nationwide.

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