New Baggage Rules Dubai/Representationl
New Baggage Rules Dubai/RepresentationlShutterstock

Flying To Dubai? Your Guide To New Baggage Rules & Prohibited Items

To ensure a smooth trip to Dubai, always check the latest information from airport authorities or consult your airline about specific rules before you pack

Travelling to Dubai has become a bit more complicated with recent updates to airport regulations aimed at enhancing safety and security. According to reports, one of the key changes involves stricter rules about what items passengers can bring on board, particularly medications.

It's now more important than ever for travellers to be well-informed about these new guidelines to avoid any unexpected issues at the airport. Understanding and adhering to these updated regulations will help ensure a smooth and trouble-free journey to Dubai.

Many people pack items without knowing they might be restricted or prohibited, leading to complications during security checks. For those flying to Dubai, it's crucial to know what items can and cannot be brought on the plane, whether in cabin baggage or checked luggage. Prohibited items include illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and cannabis, as well as betel leaves, ivory, gambling tools, and products from countries under boycott.

Other restricted items include printed materials, artworks, some foods (especially non-vegetarian dishes), and counterfeit currency. Bringing these items can result in serious legal trouble. Besides, certain products require special clearance and payment before being brought into Dubai. These include plants, fertilisers, books, medications, medical equipment, cosmetics, electronics, alcohol, personal care items, e-cigarettes, and electronic hookahs.

New Baggage Rules Dubai/Representational
New Baggage Rules Dubai/RepresentationalShutterstock

There are specific medications that are particularly restricted for transportation to Dubai. These include Betamethadol, Alpha-methyl fentanyl, Codoxime, Fentanyl, Methadone, Opium, Oxycodone, Codeine, Amphetamine, and others listed in the updated guidelines. Travellers need to check these lists carefully to avoid any issues.

Situation Earlier

Previously, baggage rules for flights to Dubai were more lenient than in recent updates. Travellers could carry essential medications and a more comprehensive range of personal items in their cabin baggage without significant restrictions. Standard security measures were applied, focusing on common prohibited items such as sharp objects, flammable materials, and large quantities of liquids. Fewer restrictions on specific medications made it easier for passengers to travel with their prescriptions.

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