Excavations To Begin At Telangana's Heritage Chada Village

The Telangana government has requested ASI's permission to set the plan in motion as it aims to unearth evidences on the existence of a Buddhist centre at the heritage site
Buddha statue at Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad
Buddha statue at Hussain Sagar in HyderabadShutterstock

Nestled within the heart of Telangana, the village of Chada has long remained shrouded in the mists of history. As the Telangana government prepares to embark on an archaeological journey, this quaint village is set to unveil its secrets. Plans are afoot to request permission from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to conduct an extensive excavation at Chada village to unearth any evidence of this site having been an important Buddhist centre.

Ancient History

Situated in the newly formed Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district, Chada village was previously a part of the erstwhile Nalgonda district. Its location is integral to understanding the region's historical significance, as it shares its landscape with several early historic sites like Phanigiri, Vardhamanukota, and Gajulabanda. The abundance of these sites suggests that this area once held great importance, likely serving as a cultural and religious hub.

Carvings on Buddha statue at Hyderabad's Hussain Sagar Lake
Carvings on Buddha statue at Hyderabad's Hussain Sagar LakeShutterstock

The Telangana Heritage Department's journey into Chada began nearly two decades ago when their technical staff first reported the site's presence in 2003. This sprawling expanse covers over 10 acres of land and has already yielded substantial clues to its storied past. As successive teams explored its surface, they uncovered a treasure trove of historical artefacts—mounds, brickbats, pot shards, limestone stumps, and even a limestone Buddha statue. Among the findings were fragments of exquisitely decorated lime panels and a small yet intriguing inscription in Brahmi script.

The Buddhist Connection

Perhaps the most exciting revelation is the evidence of limestone panels, suggesting Chada's role as a prominent Buddhist site in antiquity. This exciting prospect opens the door to a deeper understanding of the region's spiritual and cultural heritage.

One of the most compelling aspects of Chada's narrative is its connection to other nearby Buddhist sites like Phanigiri, Gujulabanda, Vardhaman Kota, and Thirumalagiri. Situated along the serene Alera (Bikkeru) river, a mere 20 kilometres away, these sites form a network of historical significance. Exploring Chada will allow researchers to establish vital links between these neighbouring sites, providing a richer understanding of the region's history.

Journey Into The Past

The excavation is set to begin soon
The excavation is set to begin soonShutterstock

The Telangana Heritage Department is eager to begin this excavation during the 2023-24 "field season." This ambitious endeavour aims to uncover the construction patterns of the structures found at the site and shed light on the cultural life of the people who once thrived here.

As the spades dig into the earth and the dust of centuries is lifted, Chada village is poised to rewrite its history. Visitors and history enthusiasts alike can look forward to a journey into Telangana's ancient past, where every artefact uncovered is a step closer to understanding the past when human civilisation flourished on this land.

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