E-Visa Facility Starts At Goa's Manohar International Airport

The decision to make the airport an authorised immigration check post comes as a relief for the tourism sector, which awaits a business boost during the upcoming tourist season
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In a relief for international travellers, the Manohar International Airport (MIA) in Goa has achieved the status of an authorised immigration checkpost for travellers holding e-visas, as confirmed by an airport spokesperson.

The announcement follows closely after a recent communication by airport authorities, stating that e-visa facilities would not be extended to international visitors. The decision sparked concerns within the tourism sector, especially with the upcoming tourism season anticipated to commence in November.

"In an effort to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for international travellers, the MIA has achieved the esteemed status of an authorised ICP (Immigration Check Post) for the entry of individuals possessing e-visas. The e-visas are granted to foreigners with intentions such as leisure, visiting friends or relatives, medical treatment and business purposes within India," an airport spokesperson said.

An Effortless Entry Process

Exclusively designated international airports and seaports serve as entry points for individuals with e-visas. The operational e-visa facility at MIA aims to offer international guests a smooth and uncomplicated entry process. Furthermore, the airport looks forward to accommodating more international carriers in its network.

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About E-Visas

As per the Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines, e-visas are exclusively granted to foreign nationals whose primary intent of visiting India includes leisure activities, sightseeing, visits to friends or family, receiving medical treatment (including Indian systems of medicine), conducting business-related activities, and similar purposes. 

Individuals possessing e-Visas are permitted entry into India solely through specified international airports. Furthermore, the e-visa convenience is extended to entry at five major Indian seaports: Mumbai, Cochin, Mormugao, Chennai, and New Mangalore, specifically for cruise tourists. For departure, those with e-visas can utilise any of the authorised Immigration Check Posts across India.


This option is not accessible to individuals whose own, parents', or grandparents' (whether paternal or maternal) birth or permanent residency was in Pakistan. It also does not extend to holders of diplomatic/official passports, UNLP (UN Passport) holders, and holders of international travel documents such as INTERPOL officials.


The e-visa will be issued for up to 60 days, allowing double entry for the e-tourist visa and e-business visa and triple entry for the e-medical visa. For e-medical visa holders, an extension may be considered for up to 6 months on a case-by-case basis, subject to the evaluation and approval of the concerned officials.

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