Dreaming Of Fiji? Island Paradise Expects More Visitors From India

Robert Thompson, Tourism Fiji's Executive Director of Regions, highlighted the strategic emphasis on drawing Indian tourists in key segments like honeymoon getaways, sustainable tourism, and wellness travel
Fiji, situated in the South Pacific, is a collection of over 300 islands.
Fiji, situated in the South Pacific, is a collection of over 300 islands.Shutterstock

Fiji is expecting a robust 5-7 per cent growth in Indian tourist arrivals this year, fueled by targeted marketing initiatives and a strategic digital presence. The South Pacific Island nation aims to entice honeymooners and family travellers through its diverse offerings.

Robert Thompson, Executive Director of Regions at Tourism Fiji, shared that the nation is strategically focusing on attracting Indian tourists interested in segments such as honeymoon getaways, sustainable and eco-tourism, wellness travel, and multi-generational family vacations.

Thompson highlighted that in 2023, Indian arrivals in Fiji rebounded to pre-Covid levels of 2019, signalling an increased appetite for premium and experience-led travel. December 2023 recorded a 300 per cent surge in Indian arrivals compared to the same month in 2022, with an average stay duration of 7.6 nights.

In 2023, Fiji hosted 9,29,740 international travellers, surpassing 2019 figures by 4 per cent, contributing an estimated USD 3.3 billion to the visitor economy. While the majority of travellers were from Australia (47 per cent), New Zealand (24 per cent), and North America (13 per cent), over 6,135 Indian tourists explored the South Pacific Island nation.

Thompson revealed a comprehensive strategy that includes targeted marketing campaigns and leveraging digital platforms to reach a broader audience, aiming for a 5-7 per cent increase in Indian footfalls in 2024. By showcasing Fiji's pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush landscapes, Tourism Fiji aims to host Indian tourists seeking a picturesque and relaxing getaway.

The nation also seeks to attract adventure enthusiasts interested in water sports, diving, hiking, and more. Despite the absence of direct flights between India and Fiji, connecting flights from key hubs like Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore provide accessible travel options. Moreover, Fiji offers a visa-on-arrival facility for Indian passport holders, enhancing the convenience and appeal of this tropical paradise for Indian travellers.

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