This will be Disney Cruise Line's debut in Asia

Disney Cruise Line To Set Sail From Singapore In 2025

This will mark Disney Cruise Line's debut in Asia and guests can anticipate three and four-night voyages filled with enchanting days at sea

In 2025, the groundbreaking Disney Adventure cruise will set sail from Singapore, marking Disney Cruise Line's debut in Asia. Promising an unparalleled vacation experience, the Disney Adventure will enchant families with its magical blend of immersive storytelling and captivating entertainment.

"As the first Disney Cruise Line ship to homeport in Asia, the Disney Adventure will be a destination in itself," said Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager of Disney Cruise Line. Guests can anticipate three- and four-night voyages filled with enchanting days at sea, embodying the essence of Disney's renowned hospitality and fun-filled experiences.

Guests can expect to encounter favourite charactersDaryl Goh

The ship will feature seven themed areas, each bringing beloved Disney, Pixar, and Marvel stories to life. From the enchanting Disney Imagination Garden, inspired by a century of heroic adventures, to the vibrant San Fransokyo Street bustling with interactive activities from "Big Hero 6," every corner of the Disney Adventure promises unforgettable moments.

Families will discover treasures like the ethereal Disney Discovery Reef, a nod to aquatic tales like "The Little Mermaid" and "Finding Nemo," and Wayfinder Bay, a serene Pacific Islands-inspired retreat inspired by Disney Animation's "Moana." The enchanting Town Square will celebrate Disney royalty with nods to classics like "Cinderella" and "Frozen." At the same time, Marvel Landing and Toy Story Place will delight guests of all ages with thrilling experiences.

"Consumers in this region have shown such strong affinity for Disney, and we are thrilled to bring an unparalleled Disney Cruise Line vacation to their backyard," said Sarah Fox, vice president and regional general manager, Asia, Disney Cruise Line. The ship will offer the hallmark Disney cruise experience – exceptional dining, world-class entertainment, and attentive service tailored with a local touch.

The ship will offer the hallmark Disney cruise experience

Guests can expect to encounter favourite characters, dazzling stage shows, first-run films, and immersive dining experiences that bring Disney stories to the dinner table. Premium accommodations will include family-friendly staterooms and luxurious concierge options, ensuring every guest enjoys comfort and personalized service throughout their voyage.

Set to sail three- and four-night cruises from Singapore's Marina Bay Cruise Centre, the Disney Adventure will cater to a diverse audience in Southeast Asia, leveraging the region's rich cultural heritage and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Details about the maiden voyage and onboard amenities will be revealed closer to the sailing date, promising a new era of Disney magic on the high seas.

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