Climbing The Eiffel Tower Will Now Cost More

Climbing the Eiffel Tower and taking in the stunning views is a must-do when in Paris. But there's some not-so-great news as ticket prices are set to increase starting next month
Tourists walking under Eiffel Tower
Tourists walking under Eiffel Tower Feel good studio/Shutterstock

Paris needs no introduction. Artists of all genres have romanticized the French city, and it is at the forefront of fashion, architecture, art, gastronomy, and tourism innovations. Paris also ranks first among the world's most popular honeymoon locations. In terms of tourist attractions, Paris offers numerous options. There is a lot to choose from, including the 12th-century Gothic cathedral Notre-Dame, the Sacr-Cur Basilica in Montmartre, the Catacombes or the Pre Lachaise Cemetery, and the Palace of Versailles with its lavishly landscaped gardens. However, it is the towering wrought-iron Eiffel Tower that is symbolic of Paris. Climbing the Eiffel Tower and taking in the stunning views is a must-do when in Paris. But there's some not-so-great news - ticket prices to climb the Eiffel Tower are increasing starting next month.

A Steep Hike

Beginning June 17, it will cost more to climb the iconic tower, whether travellers choose to go by elevator or by stairs. According to French network BFMTV, an adult ticket with elevator access to the top viewpoint, for example, will cost €35.30 ($38.40), up from the current price of €29.40 ($31.98).

Ticket prices for access to the Eiffel Tower will be increasing. For instance, the price of an adult elevator ticket to reach the second floor will go up from €18.80 ($20.45) to €22.60 ($24.58), as reported by BFMTV. Similarly, a stair access ticket will increase from €11.80 ($12.84) to €14.20 ($15.45). Tickets for children under 4 years old will remain free. The exact date when the new rates will take effect is not yet clear, but reports have mentioned that tickets for visits from June 17 will go on sale later than usual. The price hike is being attributed to a decline in visitors from 2020 to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to BFMTV.

The Drop In Numbers

The Eiffel Tower usually attracts nearly 7 million visitors annually
The Eiffel Tower usually attracts nearly 7 million visitors annuallyShutterstock

The iconic Eiffel Tower, a symbol of Paris, usually attracts nearly 7 million visitors annually, with the majority being international tourists. Shockingly, in 2020, the tower saw only 1.5 million visitors, as reported by BFMTV. Despite a recent increase in visitor numbers, the Eiffel Tower suffered a substantial loss of €113 million ($1.23 million) between 2020 and 2022.

The Upcoming Games

The prices for visiting the Eiffel Tower are also increasing due to Paris preparing to host the Summer Olympics. The tower will remain open during the Olympic Games, but it will be closed for the opening ceremony on July 26. The opening ceremony will take place along the Seine, with delegations parading in boats for the parade of athletes. The ceremony is expected to conclude at Trocadéro, just across the river from the Eiffel Tower, as stated on the official Paris Games website.

UPI Payments At The Tower

Incidentally, in February 2024, it was announced that Indian tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower can use UPI to book tickets. On February 2, India formally inaugurated UPI system at the Eiffel Tower. “UPI formally launched at the iconic Eiffel Tower at the huge Republic Day Reception. Implementing PM @narendramodi’s announcement & the vision of taking UPI global,” the official X handle of India’s Embassy in France posted along with the photos of the event.

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