Book Your Seats On This More Than Three-Year-Long World Cruise

The 924-passenger ship Villa Vie Odyssey will set sail in May 2024 on a three-and-a-half-year journey around the world
Villa Vie Odyssey offers a new cruise lifestyle
Villa Vie Odyssey offers a new cruise lifestyleVilla Vie Odyssey

Imagine being a modern explorer, going on a sea voyage around the world and exploring continents. The new cruise ship Villa Vie Odyssey lets you do just that. The world will literally be your oyster as you set sail on a sea journey for three and a half years, exploring seven continents, and 420 destinations in over 1,300 days. The renovated cruise ship will be like your residence on the sea, with villas, business and work areas, and more. The cruise ship will depart from Southampton in May 2024.

Your Home At Sea

Here's what the Villa Vie Odyssey has to offer. There are eight decks on board, including cascading aft decks and a wraparound promenade. It has three restaurants, eight bars and four lounges, an extended pool with four Jacuzzis, a spa and fitness centre, and a well-stocked library. Villa Vie Odyssey can travel to regions of the world that larger ships cannot. The ship's flatter shape allows her to handle inland waterways and rivers as well.

”Villa Vie Odyssey will be customised for her immersive, 3.5-year global circumnavigations, ensuring all the comforts and amenities of home,” says CEO Mikael Petterson. ”Named by the residents themselves, Odyssey reflects the company ethos of creating a community to share unforgettable moments of discovery on an extended journey, connecting people, places, and self.”

The ship will also have an interactive and instructional culinary centre, as well as a first-of-its-kind golf-around-the-world programme for residents, replete with an onboard golf simulator and tours and classes taught by a Master PGA Professional.

If you are a remote worker, you will love this. With individual offices and conference rooms, a huge, central business centre will allow you to work at sea. All residents and guests will have access to fast and reliable internet via Starlink and Viasat 3.

Tailor Your Journey

Everything can be customised. You can either own or rent your own villa; the cruise line ensures that the prices are equal to typical flat ownership. There are numerous lodging alternatives available to tourists, depending on their preferences and budget. Residents will be able to access some amenities, including dining and entertainment.

It is not necessary for you to commit to the entire three-and-a-half year journey. Passengers can tailor their travel by mixing sections ranging in length from 35 to 120 days. During the voyage, the ship will stop in 425 ports in 147 nations for periods ranging from two to seven days. Check here for the itinerary.

Green Voyage

The cruise ship is committed to sustainability, with technologies that significantly reduce pollutants, systems that minimise waste generation and ensure its responsible disposal, and a shift to lower-emission energy sources, ensuring that the voyages are as green as they are serene.

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