ASI Launches New App With Details On 143 Heritage Monuments

With the 'Indian Heritage' app's launch, India's rich heritage would become a dynamic experience for generations
Hampi, Karnataka
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Unlocking the treasure trove of India's rich heritage just got easier for travellers and history enthusiasts. On September 4, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) introduced the 'Indian Heritage' app, offering a digital gateway to a plethora of heritage sites. Alongside this, ASI also revealed a revamped 'Adopt a Heritage' initiative, aiming to engage corporate collaboration in enhancing the surroundings and amenities of monuments.

How Does It Work?

As the app makes its debut, it offers comprehensive information on 143 ticketed monuments under ASI's purview. This digital platform provides users with state-wise details of these monuments, complete with photographs, lists of available public amenities, geo-tagged locations, and a feedback mechanism for citizens. The app's innovation extends further by encouraging users to report any lacunas or shortcomings they come across at any site. This collaborative approach empowers the people to contribute information and images of non-listed heritage structures under ASI or state protection. Once vetted, these details will be seamlessly integrated into the database.

A Comprehensive Guide

The app's developers plan to roll out updates in phases
The app's developers plan to roll out updates in phasesShutterstock

However, ASI's vision doesn't end here. The app's developers plan to roll out updates in phases, gradually incorporating additional data concerning the remaining 3,554 notified historical buildings and over 4,000 monuments under the jurisdiction of state governments and union territory administrations. This expansion promises to transform the 'Indian Heritage' app into a comprehensive guide to India's vast and diverse heritage.

Adopt A Heritage Scheme

The 'Adopt a Heritage' scheme, initially launched by the tourism ministry in 2017, has now undergone a transformative makeover under ASI's stewardship. This revamped version strongly emphasises the enhanced maintenance of centrally protected heritage properties, the creation of essential amenities, and the introduction of world-class additions within a transparent and time-bound framework.

The renewed scheme introduces clear guidelines, setting out the do's and don'ts for interested stakeholders. Corporate entities looking to participate can express their interest in adopting a heritage site to develop amenities, including cultural activities such as light and sound shows and interpretation centres.

KK Basa, Director General of the Survey, emphasised the growing role of heritage in shaping India's cultural identity. While ASI plays a pivotal role in preserving heritage, they believe that ASI cannot maintain heritage sites alone. Thus, the 'Adopt a Heritage' scheme was launched to enrich visitors' experiences at these historic sites, encouraging collaboration with corporate entities for their betterment.

Furthermore, on this momentous occasion, ASI introduced an e-permission portal. This portal streamlines the process of obtaining permissions for photography, filming, and developmental projects within heritage sites, further promoting responsible exploration and documentation of India's historical treasures.

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