A Slice Of Tuscany: San Gimignano Unveils Its Brand-New Menu

The newly done up restaurant in the heart of Delhi's The Imperial Hotel combines the flavours of Italy and alfresco seating, perfect for a hearty meal with family and friends this winter
Infused with the timeless allure and a distinctly Tuscan aesthetic, the terrace radiates romance
Infused with the timeless allure and a distinctly Tuscan aesthetic, the terrace radiates romanceSan Gimignano

Inside New Delhi's The Imperial, a slice of Tuscan lies on a sun-bleached pergola-style terrace, where you can see guests milling about as a free flow of conversation follows family and friends. The reinvented San Gimignano pays homage to the unassuming beauty of the Italian region as well as the illustrious gastronomic traditions of Italy.

This bespoke limited-seating restaurant's new menu was unveiled on Friday, with dishes offering an opulent symphony of flavours drawn from the venerable kitchens of Nonna herself.

Insalada Di Avocado
Insalada Di AvocadoSan Gimignano

The Menu

The spirit of Tuscany is felt in the brand-new menu, where each dish transports you to the home kitchens of Italy. The courses are filling and delicious, akin to having a family meal in an Italian home. The starters comprised a delicious herb-cured salmon with a crispy potato tapenade and a dash of sour cream, while the Tartar of avocado accompanied by beetroot, cannellini beans and an Italian dressing was a refreshing treat for the palate. However, the star of the starters was Nonna's chicken liver and portobello pate, which could have easily passed off as a chocolate cheesecake with a raspberry coulis going by the presentation.

For the pastas and mains, the Lamb Truffle Pappardelle and Lobster Curry Pasta inspired by Nonna's travels to Kerala stand out as winners. From the delicate Butternut Safran Risotto to the artfully crafted homemade bread, every dish promises a rendezvous of perfection among friends and colleagues. In desserts, the pannacotta and the Tiramisu would make you want to prolong the end of the meal and showcase the flair of Executive Chef Philippe Henri Michel Agnes.

Salmon E Alle Erbe
Salmon E Alle ErbeSan Gimignano

Personalised Service

Complemented by personalised, skilled, yet unobtrusive service, San Gimignano promises not just a dining experience but a transcendental journey into the soul of Italy's culinary heritage. Every detail, from the carefully selected ingredients to the thoughtful presentation, reflects the restaurant's dedication to providing an unparalleled dining experience.

A Tuscan Oasis in the Heart of Delhi

The newly unveiled pergola-style terrace transports guests to the charming medieval town of San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy. Infused with the timeless allure and a distinctly Tuscan aesthetic, the terrace radiates romance through wrought iron accents, intricate railings, and earthy-toned natural fabrics. Meandering paved walkways adorned with fragrant flowering vines and cosy heaters create an idyllic oasis in which to enjoy a winter repast in the grandeur of classic lush gardens.

The Information

Address: 1, Lobby Level, The Imperial Hotel, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Hours: 12:30–2:45 pm, 7–11:45 pm; All days of the week

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