A New Jungle Safari To Open At Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

The birthplace of the atrocious Veerappan, Gopinatham, will now be home to an eco-friendly jungle safari
A View of Gopinatham
A View of GopinathamWikimedia Commons

Due to the nefarious activities under the terrorising banner of Veerappan, the site of Gopinathan had remained undisturbed for a long time. Nevertheless, the Karnataka state is now up and about and ready to use the site for eco-tourism.

A Portrait of Veerappan
A Portrait of VeerappanBritannica

Gopinatham had remained mainly under the harsh grasp of the forest bandit Veerappan who gained prominence through the 1980s. The bandit was involved in criminal activities such as poaching elephants for ivory, sandalwood smuggling and kidnapping. It was in the year 2004 in October that the special task force nabbed Veerappan in the forests of Tamil Nadu.

What to Expect?

Visitors can enjoy the secluded Gopinatham Mystery Trail Camp. The trail is lush with rare birds and scenic expanses. The Mystery Trail is looked after by the jungle lodges and local resorts. Notable exhibit of the place is the IFS P. Srinivas Memorial, who was beheaded by Veerappan just 6 km from Gopinatham village.

Hogenakkal Falls
Hogenakkal FallsWikimedia Commons

Travellers and explorers can look forward to Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary of the Chamarajanagar of Karnataka to welcome them with a new addition of jungle safaris. The safari routes will be charted out in the Gopinatham village across its prolific landscapes. It will span a length of 32 km touching the areas of Kurimande Camp, Mailumalebetta, Erakeyam, the beautiful Hogenakkal Falls and Namdarihalla. The safari will operate in double shifts from 6 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 6 pm.

Adventure Activities

To the pleasant surprise of adventure seekers, the project has also announced water sports along the Hogenakkal Fall situated just 3 km from Gopinatham. The birdwatchers are advised to tighten their binocular straps and clean their lenses speckless as the ecosphere boasts of a rich birdlife.

The enriching experience of the safari will amount up to INR 400 per head.

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