You Can Now Wake Up In The Worlds Skinniest Skyscraper Everyday

Steinway Tower, the third-largest building located in New York, is now taking residents. Heres what you need to know
Steinway Tower is now taking residents
Steinway Tower is now taking residents

The city of New York added the sleek Steinway Tower to its prized collection of skyscrapers in March 2021. Located at 111 West 57th street (better known as Billionaire&rsquos Row), this skyscraper is 84 storeys tall. Now that the finishing touches have been added to the slender pieces of beauty, Steinway Tower is now open for residents. 

60 apartments are available for your taking the rates starting at $7.75 million for a studio unit up to $66 million for a penthouse.  Inspired by New York&rsquos Art Deco history and &ldquothe golden age of Manhattan Skyscraper,&rdquo Steinway Tower has become the talk of the town with its terracotta tiles with bronze accents. We have the SHoP architects to thank for this extraordinary creation.

Only two other buildings in NYC top the Steinway Tower World Trade Center and Central Park Tower. &ldquoA project of extraordinary proportions and epic grandeur,&rdquo as declared by Gregg Pascarelli of SHoP architects, the idea for this tower first originated in 2013. As per the architects of this tower, the idea was to create a new and bold interpretation of the New York Skyline. &ldquoAny preconceived notions that our team had about skyscrapers of New York City development were replaced with an opportunity to do something that had never been done before,&rdquo Pascarelli said.

Get one of these fabulous apartments for a daily view of the golden Manhattan skyline 

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