Wouldnt you want to eat like Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam

To follow the late Anthony Bourdains food trail in Vietnam, a new 13N/14D itinerary is all youll need
There is now a food trail in Vietnam in Anthony Bourdain's memory
There is now a food trail in Vietnam in Anthony Bourdain's memory

I was in Vietnam recently and in the quaint town of Hoi An, was searching for Banh Mi. The traditional Vietnamese sandwich, which is now found all over the world, is simple and delicious, a great way to fill up your stomach when travelling from one place to the next. To my surprise, the recommended store was tiny but the lines really long. I would understand if the line was mostly made up of locals but here, the lines had both &ndash locals and travellers. As I got closer the smells got stronger, I understood why the line. The late Anthony Bourdain, chef extraordinaire, had visited the shop years before for one of his shows. The shop today proudly hangs a photo grab that shows Bourdain trying a Banh Mi.

Now, you too can go on a food trail in Vietnam, similar to the late chef&rsquos. Exotic Voyages, a tour operator in Vietnam, has recently started a food tour in tribute. A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain Taste of Vietnam is a 13N/14D itinerary that covers the spots the late chef had visited on his trips to the Southeast Asian country.

The tours are priced at $3,755 per person and covers Saigon, Mekong Delta, Da Lat, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay, including stay. The tour has been conceptualized by travel expert Diep Nguyen, who had the chance to assist Bourdain in 2016 for his show Parts Unknown when he came to the country. &ldquoTo say thanks and pay tribute to Anthony Bourdain, the trip &lsquoA Tribute to Anthony Bourdain Taste of Vietnam&rsquo is everything I would like to offer for everyone who loves him, fall for (or is curious about) Vietnam, and, of course, would love our food,&rdquo says Nguyen. The flight tickets aren&rsquot part of the package.

From Banh Mi&rsquos to egg coffees, fresh seafood to delicious phos this package gives you an enticing taste of Vietnam, much like how Bourdain loved the flavours.

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