World's Largest Astronomy Museum Opens in Shanghai

The awe-inspiring structure supposed to echo the geometry of the universe, with an absence of straight lines and right angles
It is the largest museum worldwide solely dedicated to the study of astronomy
It is the largest museum worldwide solely dedicated to the study of astronomy

Next time you are in Shnaghai, be sure to check out the brand new largest astronomy museum in the world which spans an impressive 420,000 square feet (39,000 sqm).

Designed without straight lines or right angles, it is supposed to echo the geometry of the universe.

It is the new astronomical branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and solely dedicated to the study of astronomy.

The design was conceived by Ennead Architects, a firm with offices in New York and Shanghai.

Different levels of scale and form have been used, along light manipulation to increase your awareness of astronomy basics, such as the fundamental relationship to the sun and the earth&rsquos orbital motion.

The structure&rsquos complex curvilinear shape is formed from three overlapping arcs, says Ennead&rsquos website. These are symbolic of how the museum is a celebration of &ldquothe continuum of time and space.&rdquo 

The facade of the museum&rsquo features winding architectural ribbons. A planet-like sphere envelopes the planetarium theater. Another striking feature to look out for is the inverted dome, a large inverted glass tension structure that sits on top of the central atrium of the building. From the center of the glass dish, you get an unimpeded view of the sky.

There is a jaw-dropping 720-degree spiraling ramp underneath the inverted dome that traces the orbital flow of the visitor sequence throughout the museum exhibits and launches the eye upward to its apex.

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