Portuguese Airline Goes Green On Air

Setting its destination to Brazil, a Portuguese airline flight took off from Lisbon becoming the first one to fly plastic-free
Bamboo utensils to replace the usual plastic suspects
Bamboo utensils to replace the usual plastic suspects

It's time to go green. Replacing all the plastic tableware in the flight with bamboo and other recyclable materials, Hi Fly a wet leasing firm decided to go green in their on-air service. Aiming for a better future, the first plastic free flight took off soon after Christmas. The step is sure to bring smiles on faces of nature lovers.

Hi Fly provides its service to 200 airlines around the world and aims to completely boycott the use of plastics in their airbuses by the end of 2019. The flight was the first of the 3 test flights and the passenger feedback has totally supported the cause.

Playing their part in helping preserve the natural beauty of our planet, this hugely inspirational step by the company will prevent the exposure of 350kg of imperishable plastic materials. Straw, cups, utensils, cocktail stirrers and even toothbrush are replaced with their environmental friendly versions. According to International Air Transport Association (IATA) the passengers generated 5.7 million tonnes of cabin waste in the year 2017 which is likely to get doubled in the next 15 years if no measures are taken.

With lot of airlines adopting certain environmental friendly measures to reduce the use of plastic in their flights, Hi Fly stood apart by completely relying on their bio degradable alternatives.  

Going green is the latest motto which has captivated airlines. Air New Zealand, one with the motion, has removed straws, coffee stirrers and toothbrush from its lounges and flights while planning to ban more plastic items in the coming years. Airline companies can play a significant role in bringing up the sense of nature conservation in the minds of travellers and to be a responsible passenger.  

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