Dip Or Dive In The World's Deepest Pool In Warsaw

From professional scuba diving to taking a stroll in the underground tunnel, one can do it all at the world's deepest pool in Poland
Dive to the lowest points of the world's deepest pool in Poland (representative image)
Dive to the lowest points of the world's deepest pool in Poland (representative image)

The world&rsquos deepest pool is set to open in Poland this fall allowing you to dive deep, almost to 148 feet

The pool is currently under construction near Warsaw and about 1,100 tons of steel is being used to make sure the construction and structure don't face trouble over time. Did you know that the depth is equivalent to a 15-storey building

This deep pool is not just an ideal spot for professional scuba divers&nbspbut it will be open to all levels of swimmers, from beginners to advanced.

The designers and the investors are also preparing an added attraction for the people who don't want to dive but yet want to enjoy what it would be like so deep underground an underwater tunnel. The tunnel would allow pedestrians to stroll through the pool while remaining dry And not just the tunnel, but the pool would also include conference rooms, training rooms, and underwater hotel rooms

Once this pool opens in fall 2019, it would knock out the&nbspY&ndash40 Deep Joy. However Deepspot will not hang on to the accolade for more than 6 months as an even deeper pool is expected to open in Britain in 2020, currently being built in Colchester, the Blue Abyss, that will be 50 meters deep.

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