Dive Deep Into the Worlds Biggest Underwater Park

Bahrain is set to bring the worlds largest underwater theme park to promote conservation of marine wildlife and eco-tourism
The city of Muharraq in Bahrain
The city of Muharraq in Bahrain

How excited would you be if we told you come this summer you can dive in the biggest underwater park in the world Yes, indeed. Bahrain is planning to turn the Persian Gulf a hot spot for divers and draw attention to eco-tourism when they open an underwater theme park. 

Spread across an area of 1 lakh sqm, this would make it the biggest in the world with unique features which will keep divers entertained. A sunken Boeing 747 is the biggest attraction in the park. Other attractions said to be of interest are a replica of local pearl merchant's house, sculptures and man-made coral reefs. This park is said to be eco-friendly and show off exquisite marine life. Though some have criticised the airplane move as harmful, authorities have assured that every precaution will be taken to make sure that it is environment-friendly.

The president of the Supreme Council for Environment of Bahrain expressed the country&rsquos contribution towards nature conservation and promotion of eco-tourism. The park would witness the inaugural ceremony soon with the collaboration of local dive clubs and would welcome the tourists before the summer.

For the locals, it is time to brush up on your diving skills The ultimate thrill seeking adventure is coming at your doorstep this summer and all you can do is dive away

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