Nagaland Choir Wins Gold At The 12th World Choir Games

The choir's notable win is a testament to its musical talent and showcases the vibrant musical heritage of Nagaland. It celebrates the individual prowess of the musicians
Nagaland has a flourishing musical culture
Nagaland has a flourishing musical culture

Northeast India has always cherished a rich musical heritage, whether through renowned bands and performers or generations-old choirs. To spread the message of harmony and love, the custom of choral ensembles, rooted in local gospel and church music, is all about heavenly harmony. 

The Northeast is filled with the sound of choir music, with schools offering formal instruction in Western classical music from a very young age. In Nagaland, the government and church particularly encourage and support music. As a result, some of the most skilled choir groups in the whole country have emerged from this state. One such choir is the Nagaland Chamber Choir (TNCC). It is regarded as Nagaland's oldest professional choral organisation and sets the bar for excellence in choral singing, performance, and outreach.  

And on July 13, the TNCC accomplished a remarkable feat by winning two gold medals at the 12th World Choir Games in Gangneung, South Korea.

The best choirs worldwide came together for the largest international choir competition in history to compete for honour and acclaim. The competition has two levels the champions and the open competition, allowing choirs to compete at the proper level. TNCC participated in the Mixed Chamber Choir and Contemporary Choral Music competitions in the champions division, winning gold in each. Hito Kiho, the choir leader, led the 30 choir members.

The Sound Of Music

The fantastic win highlights not just the extraordinary musicianship of the choir, but also the state's thriving musical traditions. Choral singing became popular in the region due to Christianity and community hymn singing. Most churches in the Northeast feature choirs made up of locals. Many young people have trained in local churches and schools before going overseas to study music and returning home to spread it further. 

In the Northeast, choral singing is a way of life. From Manipur and Meghalaya to Nagaland, Mizoram, pockets of Assam and beyond, voices unite to create harmony. Read more about the tradition of choir singing in the Northeast in our feature story here

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