India Invites US Businesses To Invest In The Tourism Sector

Union Minister G Kishan Reddy urged US firms to invest in India's robust tourism sector during his visit to New York, seeking support at a community reception hosted by the Indian Consulate
India Invites US Businesses To Invest In The Tourism Sector
India Invites US Businesses To Invest In The Tourism Sector

Union Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Development of the North Eastern Region (DoNER) G Kishan Reddy asked US firms and companies to invest in India's strong and diverse tourism sector during a five-day visit to New York. He solicited investment while speaking at a community reception hosted by the Consulate General of India in New York.

The minister announced in a tweet on July 13 that he will deliver a keynote talk at the ongoing High-Level Political Forum at the UN headquarters on Friday, "in addition to attending various official and community engagements."

Reddy emphasised the economic growth in India, the Make in India initiatives of the Narendra Modi government, the start-up ecosystem in the nation, as well as various measures being undertaken to boost industries, including tourism, across the country in his address to members of the Indian-American community and diaspora at the Consulate. He claimed that the government had produced a favourable climate through its laws and regulations. Reddy also encouraged investment in the industry and assured that the government and his ministry would warmly welcome and support US companies and anyone looking to engage in India's tourist industry.

The G20 Meetings

According to Reddy, the G20 is being presided over by India, and more than 100 meetings have been held nationwide. This has given delegates and officials from the G20 nations a chance to see and experience India's rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions.

According to the minister, India's focus and priorities during its G20 Presidency in terms of tourism have included a sustainable and inclusive future for all, technological advancement, digital public infrastructure, multilateral institutions for the twenty-first century, as well as women-led development.

Reddy also said that India's tourism and hospitality industry is one of the largest industries and one of the largest employment-generating sectors in the country.

Sustainable Tourism Is The Future

India has also stated that it is creating a conducive environment for the tourism sector to contribute to economic growth, environmental protection, and social well-being sustainably. While addressing the event at the UN headquarters on July 15, Reddy said, "India is actively advancing Sustainable Development Goals through tourism, implementing various activities and strategies."

Tourism is a key source of income, foreign currency profits, tax revenue, and employment in many countries. Sustainable tourism has the unique power to encourage environmental responsibility and conservation because it connects people with nature. Sustainable tourism, including ecotourism, is a cross-cutting activity that can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by fostering economic growth, alleviating poverty, creating full and productive employment, and providing decent work for all.

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