Bengaluru Airport To Have Digital Travel Buddy Service For Travellers

The BLR Pulse app will revolutionise your travel at Bengaluru Airport, offering seamless navigation, real-time flight updates, and personalised services, ensuring an enhanced and stress-free journey
BIAL's BLR Pulse app revolutionizes the travel experience at Bengaluru Airport
BIAL's BLR Pulse app revolutionizes the travel experience at Bengaluru Airport

Airport assistance is fast becoming a concept many organisations are trying to cinch. With many airports nationwide trying to make the travelling experience hassle-free for their passengers, the services are seeing great response. The Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru has also jumped on the wagon and will soon have a travel buddy app to assist passengers. 

Passengers flying through Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) can now enjoy a personalised and seamless travel experience by introducing the innovative 'BLR Pulse' app. Developed by Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) in collaboration with GrayMatter Software Services, this omnichannel platform serves as a digital travel buddy, catering to the needs of passengers and transforming their time at the airport.

Streamlined Travel Planning

BLR Pulse app addresses common pre-travel concerns such as long security queues and wait times, empowering passengers to take control of their journey. Providing real-time information about the airport, the app alleviates uncertainties and allows travellers to navigate within terminal buildings effortlessly.

Interactive Chatbot

The app's interactive chatbot feature serves as a self-sufficient guide, enabling passengers to find answers to their queries easily. Over time, this feature will be continuously curated to enhance user experience and provide comprehensive information.

Real-Time Updates 

BLR Pulse offers real-time updates on crucial passenger touchpoints, including entry gates, check-in counters, and security check areas. Flight status updates are conveniently delivered to passengers' mobile devices or email inboxes, ensuring they stay informed throughout their journey.

Seamless Airport Navigation 

With the 'WayFinder' feature, passengers can effortlessly navigate through the airport. Whether they need assistance finding their departure gate or locating facilities, BLR Pulse provides a user-friendly solution.

Convenient Services 

The app offers a range of convenient services to enhance the passenger experience. The app lets travellers book transit hotels for short-term stays or complete last-minute flight check-ins. Additionally, BLR Pulse allows passengers to reserve restaurant tables, order food for pick-up or delivery to their gate, and even identify and claim lost items.

BIAL's BLR Pulse app revolutionises the experience at Bengaluru Airport by providing passengers with a personalised and efficient digital travel companion. From real-time updates and seamless navigation to convenient services and interactive chatbot assistance, this innovative app ensures that travellers have a hassle-free and enjoyable journey from the moment they plan their trip until they reach their destination. Embrace the future of air travel and discover the convenience of BLR Pulse.

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