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Do Makar Sankranti the Jaipur way and kite-flying will never be the same again
At Jaipur Kite Festival
At Jaipur Kite Festival

Did you know that kite-flying had health benefits Don't believe us Visit Jaipur and attend The International Kite Festival on January 14-16, one of the most- attended festivals in Rajasthan and ask the locals why do they fly kites and most importantly, why on that day. They will tell you that they fly kites on Makar Sankranti for health reasons. Well, one of the reasons. Kite-flying, to many, is how you beat the winter and the blues that comes with it, meaning, the cold. Many hours spent outdoors, under the comforting sun, lets you body get the essential energy from the sun and heal itself from the cold. There you go, kite-flying could also mean you can enjoy good skin and be phlegm free 

And that's not just any old wives' tale. It does make sense, doesn't it The most colorful festival of Rajasthan is celebrated on January 14 every year, on the day of Makar Sankranti. And its not just a regional festival the festival is so popular that kite fliers from all over the country come and take part in the celebration.
The Jaipur International Kite Festival usually kickstarts from Jaipur Polo Ground and has two parts that one can enjoy just as a spectator or better still, take part in it--kite war and normal kite flying session. They take this seriously and after three days of fun with kites, the winner of the various competitions held during the three-day festival will get their prizes at an event at Umaid Bhavan Palace's.

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