What Is Ladakh's Ice Climbing Fest All About

The 4th edition of Ladakh's Ice Climbing Festival will be taking place from February 1-5 at Gangles village in Leh
Ice climbing is usually done on frozen waterfalls. Photo Credit Shutterstock.com
Ice climbing is usually done on frozen waterfalls. Photo Credit Shutterstock.com
The ice climbing festival will take place at Gangles village in Leh from February 1&ndash5. The Ladakh Mountain Guide Association is constructing an ice wall at Gangles hamlet in preparation for this spectacular festival. Many thrill-seekers have previously expressed a great deal of interest. The organisers anticipate a sizable turnout this year as well, not just from Leh-Ladakh but from all over the world.
What's Ice Climbing 
Ice climbing is quite similar to rock climbing. The only difference is that when the former rough edges of giant rocks are held onto, the slippery and sharp surface of frozen waterfalls is latched on in this sport. Ice climbers use crampons, picks, ropes, and other equipment to climb on ice rather than on rocky terrain.  
Ice climbing is regarded as an extreme activity because of the conditions under which it usually occurs. Ice climbers may be exposed to bad weather, avalanches, and crevasses and spend prolonged periods outdoors in below-freezing temperatures.
More Details
If you are interested in participating in this festival, you will need specific equipment, such as ice axes and crampons, as you will require them. Although the organisers plan to supply them, carrying spare equipment is always a good idea. Even though it is an extreme sport, the festival is open to participants of all skill levels, from novices to experts. 
The best aspect is that ice climbing is free and accessible to everyone. The event is anticipated to increase awareness of Ladakh as one of India's top winter travel and adventure sports destinations. The festival also strives to raise awareness and educate people about the value of protecting our ecology.

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