Have You Made Your Travel Living List Yet

Travel bucket lists are now pass, time to make living lists
Have you made your travel living list yet
Have you made your travel living list yet

Is there any ardent traveller who has never drawn up a &lsquobucket list&rsquo A list of places that he or she has never been to before but wants to before dying. Much like the two terminally ill men in the comedy drama film &lsquoThe Bucket List&rsquo who went on a road trip with a list of things to do before they finally &lsquokicked the bucket&rsquo. It is said that the phrase has apparently become popular since then.

But like many other things which have changed in the past year, with the pandemic ruling the world, &lsquobucket list&rsquo or lists telling you to do &lsquox things before dying&rsquo have fallen by the wayside.

Besides, the past year has shown us that carefully made travel plans can go awry any time, travel itself can turn into a nightmare when you are caught in a foreign land with little resources in hand and not able to return home.

So what most people are doing now is drawing up &lsquoliving lists&rsquo. Instead of planning for a faraway time, they are setting immediate goals goals which are realistic and can be realised easily.

Goals that fit in with the changed outlook towards travel, say experts.

Apart from being forced to draw up travel plans keeping in mind that international travel is still not possible in most cases and the chosen destination should be an uncrowded place, more and more travellers are preferring short experiential travel.  

According to travel agents, many travellers are now eager to travel with families, opting for holidays with enough family bonding time. Hence, holidaying in the outdoors is on the rise. Not only because it is easy to maintain distancing norms but also it gives many opportunities (say camping or hiking) to undertake group activities.

Agents have pointed out that many are opting to travel with a familiar group of people, creating their own secure bubble. Transport operators and vacation homes or homestays are happy with the change.

Travel agents too are now focusing on offering a more holistic travel experience, where travellers visit lesser known destinations and enjoy the local heritage, culture and food, learn about local cuisine or handicraft.

However, do not throw away your bucket list yet but save them for the time when the world rights itself. Until then, it is time to prepare the &lsquoliving list&rsquo and set off, safely and with all precautions.

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