Add India's First-Ever Canopy Walk To Your Bucket List
Add India's First-Ever Canopy Walk To Your Bucket List

Add India's First-Ever Canopy Walk To Your Bucket List

The lush, green forests of the Western Ghats beckon to you

India&rsquos very first canopy walk is here The Western Ghats in Karnataka will welcome tourists in mid-November this year where they can embark on a 240 m walk surrounded by dense forests. The walk will allow visitors to walk 30m above ground level and is located in Castle Rock at Western Ghats&rsquo Kuveshi. The first of its kind this structure lets you connect with nature inside out and explore the beauty of the Western Ghats like never before.

Canopy walks are only available in a few countries around the world and the one in India will cost Rs. 500 for adults and Rs 300 for children. Basic public amenities like toilets, drinking water and drivers to ferry in passengers. While there were some objections made by environmentalists initially, the project was cleared by authorities later.

It began as an attempt to provide people with an opportunity to explore the country&rsquos tropical rainforests that make up a considerable portion of the Western Ghats. It was previously inaugurated in February this year by R. V. Deshpande, the erstwhile Industries Minister. Though it was inaugurated in February, entry of tourists was banned because of monsoon. The Forest and Tourism departments had jointly constructed 240-meter canopy walkway 30 meters above ground level in the dense forests of Western Ghats at a cost of Rs 84 lakh. It is situated at Kuveshi in Castle Rock wildlife range.

It is interesting to note that the longest canopy walk in the world is located in Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia. It is a 500m walk and has ten different bridge sections. Read more about similar tree top adventures here

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