A Weekend of World Music and Holistic Wellness in Pushkar

Sit comfortably by the Pushkar Lake and watch as performers from all over the world brings to you the best of their music
Performance by Laboratorium Piesni (Poland)
Performance by Laboratorium Piesni (Poland)

Strings of marigold hang from the banyan tree by the lake, right above a priest looking peaceful, chanting his prayers. Bells of faith ring and the sound is carried across all over Pushkar townthis scene is typical of the holy town of Pushkar. Now combine this with three days of sacred world music, not just good for the senses but also promotes holistic wellness through various activities like meditation, yoga, organic food and heritage walks around the holy town. The fourth edition of The Sacred Pushkar, October 12-14, 2018, is all about that.

Sit comfortably by the Pushkar Lake and watch as performers from all over the world brings to you the best of their music. It is an experiential getaway that you wouldn't want to give a miss.

If you thought it's just music, then think again. This year, attendees can also opt for the Delegate Packages. The package offers a whole range of experiences of the festivalfrom heritage walks around town to access to music workshops, therapies to facilities for delegates like hotel transfers and all meals. Additionally, if one chooses to stay at the hotels dog-eared for the festival, also known as Festival Hotels, there are good accommodation packages to choose from.

They are calling it a "Rejuvenating Experience" and we don't doubt that. The morning yoga sessions with the best in the field and come evening, immersive musical experiences as a perfect sundowner at the Jaipur Ghatthese are the stuff to look out for this October.

As per the Delegate Packageone-day for8000 and two-day for15000guests will get to experience the best of old-world hospitality. The package includes transfer to and from Ajmer Railway Station and from from your hotel to the festival and back a chance to be a part of the festival's opening reception all meals heritage walk around Pushkar music workshops. Accommodation packages are available only as add-ons to the two-day Delegate Package and starts from 21,500 to 33,600.

To know more about the packages and the festival, check out The Sacred Pushkar.

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