You Can Now Rent the Villa from Under the Tuscan Sun

What if we told you that Villa Bramasole transcends the sets of Under The Tuscan Sun and awaits your arrival
Villa Bramasole from Under the Tuscan Sun
Villa Bramasole from Under the Tuscan Sun

The word "Tuscan" is used to depict not just a region in Italy but also used as a lifestyle choice. All thanks to the film Under the Tuscan Sun.&nbspYes, we&rsquore referring to Diane Lane&rsquos 2003 classic. Remember how the film embodied an Italian retreat we all yearned to experience first-hand For years, viewers lived vicariously through Lane&rsquos point of view, and marvelled at the aesthetics of the property.

The film was based on a book (of the same name) written by Frances Mayes. The 1996 book was a memoir about her experience restoring an abandoned villa called Bramasole in the Tuscan countryside. The book was on various bestseller lists for more than three years. So we know who to blame for the world's Tuscan lust. 

If you have watched the film and like Diane Lane, hankered after the idea of vacationing in Under The Tuscan Sun&rsquos Villa Bramasole, your dream is about to be realised. 

What if we told you that Bramasole transcends the sets of the film, and awaits your arrival 

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Nestled in the fringes of Cortona, Villa Laura, alias Villa Bramasole, has resurrected its much sought-after charm, and departed from its ruin-like condition following a complete restoration undertaken in 2006. Built in 1805, the villa reflects a streak of opulent style and retains old-school sensibilities distinct to the Tuscan countryside. 

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A three-part property, the villa comprises 10 rooms, 10.5 washrooms, a fireplace, a wine-cellar, a home-theatre, a game-room, and a kitchen centered around a stone-topped island. Equipped with WiFi and air-conditioning, and bedecked with multiple windows, the villa extends to you an opportunity to savour stunning views of the Tuscan countryside, and soak in the mystique of its chandeliers juxtaposed with wood-beamed ceilings and stone floors. The backyard, an ideal spot to bask in the radiance of the Tuscan sun, is peppered with Italian shrubbery, poppy florals, a hammock, a pool, an outdoor dining area, and a Bocce court. 

The property also extends into a rustic farmhouse, initially used for housing animals and farm-workers, and a limonaia meant for storing citrus fruits during winter. 

Easily connected to other destinations, the villa promises a six-minute-drive to Cortona, an additional few minutes to the beach at Lake Trasimeno, and is positioned an hour-and-a-half from Florence. 

So go ahead and assemble your own Under The Tuscan Sun moment into a week-long holiday.

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