US National Parks Go Virtual

No having to get up and go anymore. You can now virtually visit 31 of the 58 National Parks in the US on Google Earth
You can take a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon now
You can take a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon now

Do you like to hike Do you love the outdoors Do you want to visit the National Parks in the US But, are you too lazy to actually do it

What if we tell you that now, instead of actually having to go to the National Parks, you can visit them virtually Would that be your cup of tea

Every spring, the US takes pride in glorifying their 58 National Parks for a week. Essentially, the weekly celebrations are an extension of the Earth Day festivities on April 22. Well, this year, to celebrate the week in an innovative way, Google Earth launched virtual guided tours through 31 of these National Parks in the country. The new feature lets the users experience walking through these parks without having to travel the distance themselves.

Explore the pink granite formations of the Otter Cliff in Acadia National Park or see the breathtaking vistas of the Shenandoah Valley, Google Earth lets you go around these natural marvels without having to leave your home or change from your PJs to hiking clothes. You can go through the Kanarraville Falls in Zion National Park or traverse the ancient Pueblo dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park and even scout around the geologically stunning Grand Canyon. 

And all this without worrying about time, money or the distance. All you need is a screen and good internet connection.

To explore the Virtual National Parks immediately, you can visit Google Earth here.

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