Turkish sip

Tea is one of the 'authentic' Turkish experiences that most guidebooks have failed to recommend
Turkish sip
Turkish sip

Famous for so many things &mdash from its history and hamaams to pottery and kilims &mdash Turkey&rsquos varied delights have been written about enough. I visited the country two years ago, my head full of set ideas about what to expect. But 'an authentic Turkish experience' that most guidebooks don&rsquot recommend is tea. If you think that&rsquos banal, stop right there. This is no ordinary brew. Served black and hot &mdash in dainty tulip-shaped glasses to flaunt colour &mdash this decoction packs the buzz of a stiff shot of alcohol. While one such experience was more than enough for my system, what I couldn't get enough of were the glasses. Ubiquitously available and in diverse patterns, the nicest of the lot is the traditional version &mdash aclear glass and saucer, with a tiny silver spoon for visual effect. Available at Pasabahce outlets across Istanbul, from $7.

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