The Truffle Shuffle

The indulgence now has a lower demand owing to the situation
Truffle hunting in Italy
Truffle hunting in Italy

A shave of truffle over linguini, or a drizzle of truffle oil on&nbspdumplings&mdashnothing is as expensive or as indulgent as these fungi. Most chefs would consider them prized treasures in their arsenal. In Italy, hunting for truffles is highly coveted and a major tourist activity. With the world under lockdown and international borders shut, their demand has reduced by almost 50 percent, especially in the Tuscany region. But that might not be a bad thing. Lesser demand means lesser hunts, leaving more of these nugget-sized wonders to thrive. the lack of tourists helps too, as the truffles are enjoying a much-needed break to grow and reflourish.

According to experts, the reduced carbon emissions are also helping the surrounding trees like hazel, oak, pine and birch with whom truffles share a symbiotic relationship. A small silver lining, perhaps. 

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