Tripoetic Customised Travel Planning

Now planning a trip to worldwide destinations is just a click away
Tripoetic Customised Travel Planning
Tripoetic Customised Travel Planning

If you were any less lazy, Tripoetic wouldnt have had to exist. But you are lazy, and it, thankfully, does. On the face of it, all the website does is designs for you an itinerary based on some preliminary information (basic contact details, travel interests, accommodation preferences, etc.) But, you know, this itinerary is far more personalised, as if your usual travel-agent is sitting right in front of you. On a tight budget You got it Your daughter enjoys boat-rides more than amusement parks You got it. But your son enjoys amusement parks more than boat rides Well you got it. You want cheese, you get cheese. There are no well-researched and pre-created templates that are shoved down your throats here everythings built for you from scratch. And people are loving itjust read the testimonies and see for yourself.

Started by Gunjan Indrayan and Pranjali Indrayan, a couple with a mutual love for travel, the idea is to emphasise upon the importance (and the eventual benefits) of planning your trip. The website is also equipped with a must-see list, a series of suggested trips and even a unique experiences section for the more adventurous. Also, theres a blog with some really exciting personalised travelogues, in case you wish to emulate any of those experiences. Whatever the case, just take your pick and be prepared to experience a trip-of-a-lifetime just as you had dreamt it, if not better.

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