Travelling to Singapore Is Now Easier

Not that you needed them, but here are more reasons to visit Singapore
Singapore's shimmering skyline
Singapore's shimmering skyline

What&rsquos one country that Indians love to visit Hint it is the land of the merlion, best Michelin street food restaurants, and crazy rich Asians. That&rsquos right&mdashSingapore. This South East Asian country has got plenty going for itself as a holiday destination, and bonus, it is only 4 hours from here by flight.

So far Singapore hasn&rsquot been all that easy to access, however. Unlike other SE countries, which have either no visa for Indians or visa on arrival, the process here takes long. &nbspPlus, it hasn&rsquot been accessible from a lot of smaller international airports in India. You no longer need to fly in from the metro cities in India to get to Singapore&mdashChangi Airport has announced the introduction of new city links to Pune and Vijayawada. As per its press release, Changi Airport is now connected to 18 Indian cities by 300 weekly one-way services.

In addition, even if you are simply travelling to another destination and have Singapore as a stopover, you&rsquore in for good news. The 96-hour Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF) is open to Indian nationals to enjoy a two-way transit. VTFT is a facility that allows passengers to enter the Singapore airport and travel through the city without a separate visa. It opened earlier for Indian citizens in 2016 for one leg of their journey. Now, it has been expanded to two-way air travel, making travel even more convenient.

So, when are you visiting Singapore

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