Travel Alerts Hurricane Michael, Cyclone Titli and the Zika Virus

Travellers, be safe and keep in mind these list of places affected by natural disasters and outbreaks
Representative image of a hurricane from space
Representative image of a hurricane from space

Hurricane Michael in Florida 

The states of Florida, Alabama and Georgia are being hit by a &lsquopotentially catastrophic&rsquo hurricane Michael right now. As the storm is making its way to the three US states after wreaking havoc in Central America, they have been declared a state of emergency, and citizens are being urged to evacuate. If you were earlier planning a trip here, please postpone your plans and stay safe. 

Zika Virus in Jaipur 

Over the past few months there has been an outbreak of the Zika Virus across Asia, and the target area this time is Jaipur, Rajasthan. In just one area of the city, as many as 29 people have been tested positive so far and it is only spreading. 

Tsunami&nbspin Indonesia

Last week saw Indonesia being hit by one of the scariest natural disasters&mdashthe tsunami. The island of Sulawesi, especially the city of Palu was swamped by an unprecedented tsunami and earthquake that affected thousands of people. 

Although it is safe to travel to Bali right now, please don&rsquot make plans to travel to Gili Islands or Lombok right now as they are still recovering from the aftermath of the disaster and are unsafe at the moment. 

Cyclone Titli&nbspin Odisha 

The East coast of India is being clouded by Cyclone Titli, a cyclonic storm that is keeping states in India on high alert. Among others, Odisha, West Bengal and the Andhra Pradesh belt as well are likely to be affected by the cyclone. 

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