Mumbai will Soon Have Trail Running Spots Around the City

SCOTT Sports India and Mumbai Runners will collaborate to create trail running spots in the city
Trail running strengthens the ankles and core
Trail running strengthens the ankles and core

After the pandemic, people around the country have gained a new interest in outdoor activities. One such group are the city runners from Mumbai who are seeking safer terrains and new opportunities to maximise the culture of fitness in the city.   

With an aim to popularise trail running in Mumbai and motivate runners to take up new challenges, SCOTT Sports India has decided to collaborate with one of the largest running communities in the country, Mumbai Runners. 

SCOTT Sports India is a leading producer of motorsports gear, bicycles, winter equipment, sportswear, and running gear. 

They are also planning to create customised trail running events in the city and help the Mumbai-based social and fitness platform to spread awareness about the trending sport. 

It is an ideal opportunity for sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers in Mumbai to participate in trail events organised by product experts from SCOTT Sports and learn about the technical aspects of running on trails. The partnership will also allow the interested runners and members to purchase the entire running range by the brand company &mdash shoes, apparel, and gear &mdash at special rates. 

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Gradually gaining momentum, trail running can be increasingly observed in hilly areas and states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Delhi. The sport provides one an experience of running through unexplored terrains and beautiful landscapes. Local communities are discovering the new sport and taking efforts to arrange several marathons and competitions for athletes.

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