Time Traveller The Cutty Sark, 1954

This one's a nice little tale about an iconic ship and spirit
Time Traveller The Cutty Sark, 1954
Time Traveller The Cutty Sark, 1954

The name Cutty Sark will evoke mixed feelings. Whisky connoisseurs might think of the rounded blend with a hint of smoke from the Glenrothes, while ship enthusiasts will immediately recall the famous British clipper. But there is a connection between the two the whisky with the iconic yellow label is named after the clipper. The whisky is manufactured by Edrington whose main office is less than 10 miles from the birthplace of the clipper (1869 in Dumbarton). Built to exploit the tea trade and &lsquoexpected to be one of the fastest ships engaged in the traffic&rsquo, The Cutty Sark, unfortunately, was forced to find alternative cargo. But it did establish itself as one of the fastest clippers over the next three decades, setting record passages back from Australia. Much feted, she was sold to a Portuguese company in 1895, but brought back to Britain in 1922 to be used as a training ship for cadets of the Thames Nautical Training College. On December 10, 1954, The Cutty Sark made her last voyage from the East India Dock to the Dry Dockat Greenwich, her permanent home for the last 60 years. Today, it is an award-winning attraction. You should make it a point to visit it on your next trip to London. See The Cutty Sark for more.

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