These little pigs, 1884

Match up to the cheek of the authors of this hilarious nickname map of the USA
Porcine Map of USA
Porcine Map of USA

We Indians like to pride ourselves on our witty put-downs of our endlessly increasing states, but we&rsquod be hard-pressed to match the cheek of the authors of this hilarious map of America. Made in 1884 by an Illinois-based company who were the &lsquosole manufacturers of Hill&rsquos hog ringers, Hill&rsquos triangular rings, calf and cow weaners, stock markers &ampc.&rsquo, this is a nickname map of the US, bringing our attention to the many imaginative insults that floated around the country 130 years ago. Each of the nicknames is accompanied by a representative pig, with the company&rsquos trademark triangles through its nose.

Thus, it&rsquos interesting to see that while some of these nicknames have remained, quite a few have faded away. Did you know, for example, that Nebraska is called &lsquoBug Eater&rsquo&mdashnot something you&rsquod call people in that state now However, New York and its nickname, &lsquoKnickerbockers&rsquo might still have some recall, as might Texas&rsquos culinary nickname, &lsquoBeef head&rsquo.

This map is not the only one of its kind. Just a few years before, in 1875, the same company put out another poster with the entire country in the shape of&mdashyou guessed it&mdasha pig.

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